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Our Services

We can provide you with fully qualified and experienced bodyguards (male and female) tailored to your situation and profile.

A Bodyguard in today’s world is capable of working in a multitude of environments ranging from the hustle and bustle of modern London to the hot dusty streets of the Middle East able to adapt the profile to suit the environment of operation.

Highly trained in areas including first aid, counter surveillance and risk management, the Bodyguard is able to make quick decisions based on the resources to hand, enabling you to go about your day to day business with the confidence that your security needs are taken care of.

It's a very different job working in Baghdad to shopping in Knightsbridge, London.

Bodyguard/Close Protection Duties

The key to the smooth running of a client's Personal security is planning and preparation, coupled with good situation awareness.

Your Bodyguard will constantly be updating him or herself with relevant information and adapting themselves to your environment allowing them to be one step ahead and foreseeing issues and problems, dealing with them, allowing you to move on, hassle free.

With advanced planning and Situation awareness, a qualified bodyguard should not be faced with problems routinely, but is capable of dealing with them in the unlikely event they arise.

It is therefore in a bodyguards interest to be aware of schedules and should be happy to be involved with assisting with these, for example:

Travel plans overseas - Your bodyguard can plan your route to the airport, be advised of airport procedures and get you through quickly, have a point of contact / driver on the ground at the destination, know details and useful information at the destination, the hotel as well as emergency contingency plans along the way.

The booking of a restaurant in town - Knowing you are planning to go to a certain location tonight your bodyguard can familiarise themselves with the route there and back, the location, meet the staff, learn the layout of the place, and identify the best table for both you, and your security.

Please contact us to discuss your security requirements with a professional security consultant.

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