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The Team


Andrew’ served in the Royal Military Police and was trained at the RMP CP training wing and subsequently was employed as CPO to Ambassadors, FCO Diplomats, High Ranking officers and Royals.

Since leaving and working in the private sector Andrew has delivered CP courses and instructed on these, delivering to overseas Governments.

Andrew has worked in Hostile Environments such as Baghdad as well as UK and Europe on Executive and family projects. His private portfolio includes Foreign Royals, high net worth business people, celebrities, media crews, the US State Department as well as other Government clients.

Andrew is a proven project manager on a diverse range of specialist security projects.

Project Manager

‘GB’ served with a UK Infantry regiment before transferring to UKSF where he served with distinction in several operational theatres.

GB has over 11 years in the private sector working in hostile environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia for varied clients such as oil and gas companies, NGO’s and public sector companies. GB has had extensive training and a high risk environment security background and his portfolio includes foreign Royals, foreign military, celebrities, US Department of State and multi-national companies.

GB is a proven project manager who has had responsibility for the security aspect of several Multi-million dollar projects.

Senior Consultant

'Elizabeth’ served in the Royal Military Police. During her time she saw active duty in various 'hot spots' in the Middle East.

Close protection trained by the Metropolitan Police Royal Protection Instructors, she has worked with high profile clients all over the world aboard their personal yachts and private estates.

Experienced in event management with excellent communication skills, Elizabeth was also an army physical training instructor, swam at national level for several years, practices Krav Maga and offers personal training in her spare time.

Senior Consultant


'Ian’ served over 12 years in the British Forces, leaving the navy as a diver in 1998 to join the Army. Being an ex-Royal Military Police and communications specialist, he has extensive experience in hostile environments all over the world gained from providing close protection to various clients including HM Government, British and foreign diplomats as well as high ranking military officers.

Ian is a qualified and established instructor in fire arms, first aid and physical training. He also maintains an excellent level of fitness and is a dedicated sportsman and personal trainer.

Our Team

AB Connect Associates Ltd are a partnership of qualified and proven close protection experts, senior security consultants, project managers, team leaders and bodyguards.

Backgrounds are vast and wide giving us the ability to tailor your manpower to you and the correct profile of individual relevant to your situation. Ranging from civilian to ex-forces, ex-special forces, ex-Police, ex Royal Military Police.

It is of paramount importance to us that we listen to you the Client, learn of your concerns and potential threat you are dealing with. We must understand your profile and situation in order to provide you with an optimum security solution. We have the skill set to cater for all scenarios and understand that every Client is unique.

All Operators are Government Licensed with recognised Close Protection Qualifications inclusive of First Aid and Medical Training.

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