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We offer a full range of security and protection services with ultimate professionalism, including:

VIP Drivers

Do you need advice for a journey or meeting?

Do you need us to plan your security for a major event?

Do you need protection for yourself or a client?

We are here to help you whether you have general security or safety concerns or indeed if you are faced with a specific threat from a known source.

Our job is to reduce those risks, both specific and non specific with planning and awareness; avoiding rather than dealing, but knowing what to do if things do go wrong, however small, however complicated or intimidating.

We are a cutting edge, dependable, professional security company offering consultancy and agency services, including:

Personal/Corporate Bodyguards (Male and female) and Close Protection Services

Residential Security Checks and Security Teams

VIP Vehicles and Drivers/Chauffeurs

Red Carpet and Event Security

Maritime (Yacht) Security and Risk Management.

Specialist Security Training

Whether you need us in the UK or overseas, we will be there to provide whatever type of security protection you might need.

If you would like to book our services, contact us below

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