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Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit Overview

The RMP (Royal Military Police) Close Protection Unit is a small military police unit responsible for protecting military and government VIP's and high ranking ministers abroad from any threat that might arise during transportation and at scheduled events.

RMP trained CPOs are motivated and capable professionals who have been selected to attend the 8 week CP Training Course within the MOD, they have attended this course and against a relentless regime of training, tests and exercises, have passed it despite the extremely low pass rate.

To become one of these elite specialists, working on high profile, Government level Operations world wide, you need to Join the British Army, train and qualify as a soldier, train and qualify as a Military Police Officer, push yourself for selection for the CP course, attend and pass all criteria.

Training Criteria includes:

Arduous Fitness Tests

Theory and Planning

Threat Assessments

VIP / Defensive Driver training

Extensive Firearms Training and Testing

Close Quarter Combat Training

Advanced Medical Training

To join the Royal Military Police / British Army see – www.army.mod.uk/provost/police/