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Residential Security Surveys and Security Teams

We can provide you with an Individual or small Team of Security Consultants to Manage the Security of your Home or Premises 24/7.  Known as a Residential Security Team (RST) they can provide and oversee the Physical and Technical presence and advisory required in times of need or just to provide peace of mind. they can of course deal with the day to day activity of a Residence and indeed overseeing existing House staff.

Threats against VIP’s and executives at their home or place of work can come in a variety of forms. They range from the media, a disgruntled employee, an obsessive fan, protestors, stalkers, or criminal organisations may target you or your family.

A full threat assessment can be conducted by us and then any required security systems implemented in the quickest possible way.. We can also check and advise those locations on how any current security systems could be improved.

A Residential Security Team (RST) gives peace of mind whether you are at home or away from the premises.

The RST can of course be applied to premises that are vacant and awaiting sale or rental.

AB Connect supply Residential Security Teams (RST) made up from Close Protection operatives and have a vast background in this field of the security industry, all RST members will be licensed by the SIA.

The advantage of using close protection officers is that they can be used to manage any other security requirements you or your family may have.

Our operators are personable, discrete and highly professional ensuring you the utmost protection you require 24/7.

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