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“He has a most pleasant manner, positive attitude and mixes well with all levels of society very easily”

“He is extremely professional as a bodyguard and very conscious of the limits and sensitivities of avoiding intrusion into private matters”

“My Family and I have always felt totally secure  and safe with him on duty”

“It has been a great pleasure working with him and I and my wife will miss his presence in…”

“Your professional demeanour, judgement and tactical skills contributed greatly to the teams ability to protect me in the varied and always dangerous combat environment of…”

“On a personal note, I want to thank you for your positive attitude and to let you know that your courage on my behalf was a great comfort to my wife and friends anxiously awaiting my safe return”

“Thanks, for taking such good and professional care of me…”

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“To whom it may concern,

Mr Andrew Brown is an excellent Close Protection Officer that maintains a high standard of professionalism within the world of Executive Protection.

His pedigree is from within a highly sought after unit within The British Army, The Royal Military Police, Close Protection Unit, Longmoor (RMP-CPUL).

Mr Brown was one of a five-man protective detail that I was in charge of, operating in the London area of Knightsbridge.

Our client at that time, and I say this with great respect a very difficult client to protect due to his busy schedule and his personality.

This being the case Mr Brown conducted himself in an impeccable manner throughout his time serving on this particular protective detail.

It was during a late evening protective move of our client that Mr Brown’s awareness was put to the test, and doing so I believe his actions stopped a fatal incident from occurring.

Had Mr Browns visual bearings been slow he would not have been able to firstly give out an auditory command that was quickly followed by a physical action.

Both these actions were the reasons the life of our client was saved, of which I am very grateful for Mr Brown’s actions that night.

This event in my opinion is exactly what a professional protective operator should be, sharp awareness, good control and command and the ability to react within a split second.

Mr Brown will be a great asset to anyone requiring a Close Protection Officer (CPO).

Regards James, E, Q, Adjei,


Praetorian Protection Ltd.”

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